Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe, situated in the middle of the Hungarian Trans-Danube territory in the western part of the country. The 77-km-length and the 14 km width form a 600-square kilometre-water surface. The Tihany peninsula divides the lake in two parts and forms an app. 1 km-wide strait close to mid-lake, were also the deepest point of the lake lies (11 metres). The main axis of the lake is SW-NE oriented.
The water depth varies between 0.5 and 5 metres, the south-shore being more shallow and gradually deepening (2 metres depth after a 600-1000 m distance from the shoreline). At the hilly Northern shore, the depth starts with about 1.5 meters and reaches 5 metres relatively soon.

The wave pattern is unique: the short and relatively high waves can be very rough and choppy in heavy wind. The average wavelength is 3-4 metres, increasing up to 6 metres in strong winds. The height of the waves averages 1 metre, increasing to 1.5 metres in heavy weather when the crests fall through. On extremely rare instances with winds over 80 km/hour, the wave crests are blown away by the wind and dust of -steam is formed just above the water surface, posing a significant risk of drowning for swimmers.


Balatonfüred is the oldest resort on the shores of Lake Balaton and is a charming town surrounded by rolling hills. It is popular for its proximity to the lake, its Mediterranean-like climate, and its thermal springs and cultural activities. In 2023, the Bakony-Balaton region, including Balatonfüred and Veszprém, will be the European Capital of Culture. Visitors can expect a varied and exciting program of events, including a giant fireworks display on the occasion of the celebration of the Hungarian State’s founding on August 20th. Throughout August, Balaton Wine Week offers a wide selection of wines and delicious food. The town offers a range of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and accommodation options, including 5-star hotels, camping sites, and guesthouses, all at reasonable prices.


The Balatonfüred Yacht Club, established 155 years ago in 1867, is the oldest sailing club in Hungary and the most successful and largest youth sailing club in the country. The club has produced promising results in international competitions, including representation by Benjamin Vadnai at the ILCA7 class in Tokyo, and the potential for her younger brother Jonatán to become Hungary’s next Olympic sailor. In 2022, the club hosted several international competitions, including the 49, 49FX Eb, 29 European Cup, and the J24 Hungarian Championships. Additionally, the marina underwent a major renovation, including the construction of a new pier with 57 berths, bringing the total number of berths to 228, and a new salting facility for dinghies.